About InComPro

InComPro was established in 2001 to provide a range of culturally appropriate services to the Aboriginal people, organisation and communities of South Australia. The founding company proprietors, Steven Newchurch and Jason Bromley, are leading members of their respective families and communities and have both been involved in service delivery for their community but were concerned with the quality of services available. They identified gaps in the service delivery and began running small programs focussed on family support.

In 2008 it was expanded to include Ron Newchurch who brought a new aspect to the services of incompro which included youth camps. Incompro continued to operate on a small scale and began to include services for Aboriginal people who had some problems with substance abuse and mental illness. This led to the engagement of Steve Edwards who has clinical expertise in the area and Darrien Bromley with extensive expertise in the community controlled health sector.

In 2012 Tim Ritchie and Klynton Wanganeen joined the Board. Tim has experience in Vocation Education and employment and is Currently the Artistic Director of The National Cultural Institute Tandanya. Klynton Wanganeen has extensive expertise in governance, community engagement and Politics at the State and National level. It is with these inclusions that incompro has expanded its services to include Cultural intervention in Health and Educational Services and Culturally Appropriate governance, Financial and Management Services.

Incompro's vision