Cultural Consultancy

Cultural Awareness

As outlined in the Training and Development section of our website, we are able to design Cultural Awareness Training to suit your needs, but it is our recommendation that you complete the full day training, as in our experience this has proven to be the best way to provide a balanced delivery of the material and topics to be covered.

Training can take place at a venue of your choosing. Maximum group numbers for sessions are negotiable, but our recommendation is no more than 20 per session.

The training is delivered in an interactive environment where participants are encouraged to express beliefs, views and opinions.

The Day covers the following discussion points:

Acknowledgement / Welcome to Country;

  • Acknowledgement of Country (Kaurna – Aboriginal Languages lost – reclaimed)

Definitions and Terminologies;

  • Culture, World views & values

Conflict and Changes;

  • Discrimination and Racism - Power and privilege - Cultural Bias


  • Overview of History and Key policies – Stolen generations
  • Reconciliation in Action/example

Inclusive work places and practices;

  • Policy Frameworks and drivers – Native Title – Aboriginal Heritage Act?

SA Aboriginal Community;

  • Understanding the make up our Community, diversity, educational history, Extended family,

Communication / Engagement;

  • Understanding differing communication styles and tools for effective communication and engagement

In Addition, a number of small DVD documentaries are utilised to assist in formulating concepts and illustrating ideas. Participants will receive documentation post the training to enable them to review the materials covered during the training.

For costing’s for this training and anything else you would like to discuss, feel free to call Steven on 0447 300 636. Hope this is helpful and hope to hear from you soon.

What our previous participants have said

Not having grown up in Australia, I had no knowledge of Aboriginal culture.  I found the workshop very informative and eye opening.  I learned so much and Klynton has a wealth of knowledge.  I will be able to use what I’ve learned to better engage with not only the Aboriginal young people I work with, but with all of the young people in the program.   Brooke

I found the Cultural Awareness training really valuable. The facilitator was incredibly knowledgeable and the session covered a good range of interesting and relative topics. There were definitely some helpful “take aways” which will be useful to apply within my role at HYPA.   Matt

I found the cultural awareness training of great benefit and can see the knowledge gained having a positive impact on how I engage and communicate with young people and families that identify as being Aboriginal.  I enjoyed learning about the past history of the aboriginal cultural and found the training to be very interesting and well delivered by Klynton.    Leigh

The cultural awareness training gave a wonderful insight into working with Aboriginal young people and the knowledge to gain a greater understanding of their culture and history. Klynton the facilitator was incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth. He was able to answer any questions we had and generated some good discussions. I also found the resources and maps he used throughout the training useful in understanding locations and context. This training was fantastic.   Ellen