Our goals

Key Priority Areas

To ensure that we achieve our vision, the priorities and strategies to empower Aboriginal individuals and communities are:

Being an Effective Organisation

  • Maintaining Quality and Best Practice
  • Engaging in Continuous Improvement Systems
  • Delivering on Quality Assurance Outcomes
  • Consumer and Stakeholder Program Evaluation
  • Engaging in evidenced based Research and Innovation processes
  • Advocating for positive client outcomes

Corporate Cultural Consultancy

  • Developing training packages for delivery across the industry
  • Finance & Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic reviews
    • Research
    • Project management
    • Systems support
  • Governance
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Facilitation
    • Leadership/Mentoring
    • Public Speaking

Investment in Services and Programs:

  • Accommodation
    • Supported Accommodation
  • Client Case Management and Coordination
  • Community Support & Re-engagement
    • Disability Community Support
    • Mental Health
    • Kinship Family Support
    • Cultural Support/Stabilisation
    • Emergency Intervention and Response
  • Youth Services
    • ICAN Case Management
    • FLO approved Programs
    • Leadership and mentoring
  • Complex Client Service Delivery
    • Partners in Recovery (PIR)
    • Forensic Mental Health

Leadership and Workforce Development:

  • Providing industry standard Training
  • Providing training and employment pathways
  • Employee Mentoring

Engagement, with government and NGO’s:

  • Ongoing Networking within the industry
  • Develop a communication strategy
  • Identify and build strategic relationships and alliances
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders of the clients